Werrd Split Decision/Indecision


Does anybody know how these 2 yoyos play? YYE only has the Anti-Superstar in stock.

Also, where can you buy donuts for them.


Oh, and are the delrin rims (donuts) compatible with both yoyos.


They’re both really solid playing/stable yoyos. They can handle anything that you throw at them. I really like them, you won’t be disappointed. They’re both top level playing yoyos. And I’m pretty sure that the different donuts fit onto the InDecision and Bad Decision.


Spilt decisions are great yoyos, they are fun when you want them to be and they can be serious whenever you want to go rambo and do your hardest tricks, it will handle them.
I personally like the split decision with Johnny 5 rims, cause its bigger and angular, speed rims are super fun aswell, it changes the feel of the yoyo and you can play superfast, anti superstars are fun aswell.

But the thing with the InDecisions and the BadDecisions are that they both different yoyos with the SplitD concept…if you know what i mean, the bodies of the InD and the BadD are different shape to the SplitD.

the rims can be swapped out for the SplitD range, but for now the InD and the BadD its suggested that you dont put SplitD rims on the current new Decision range because all of them are put through vigorous hand testing by members and they have strict quality control for these yoyos and all the werrd range and undoing the rims yourself and swapping rims may cause vibe or wobble.

Donuts are not for sale just yet.

Hope that helped,


Regarding being able to buy the donuts (rims) separately - we’re working on something now that will be quite exciting and it should allow us to supply donuts separately to YYE for purchase.

The original donuts from the Split Decisions are designed to fit the new Bad Decision and InDecision bodies and vice versa. As Vooie pointed out, some of these work on different bodies better than others.

When we launch the next stage of the “Split Decision Concept” you’ll be able to experiment (at your own risk) and find out what works best for you.

When will this be ready? Not sure yet. But we’ll make a post here at YYE to let you know as soon as we do.

Werrd up!