were do you yo from?


yeah so thers alot of threads asking if
anyone throws near you

so i think making one for all is kinda better

so i live in san pedro ca,
(close to los angeles)

anyone yo yo near me?


Reno for me!! Any one in the Sacremento area? It’s like 1 hour from Reno!!

(Mitch) #3

Dont worry… It happens every few months…

Im in Lancaster Ohio! bout 45 minutes south of Columbus


i’m in pensacola,florida.anyone near me?


I’m in Cupertino CA By the way I was in los angeles about 10 hours ago :o


next time come to pedro

ill cook food!!!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #7

Riverside californiaa! :smiley:


how far is the river?


Down in Marin county…about an hour and a half away.


Wasilla Alaska!


whut super tight

i want to visit alaska one day!


san diego


I heard that in alaska the residents don’t pay taxes, they get payed for living there, is this true?

Also, I hail from the place called Rochester, New York. right in the middle of Upstate NY.


Riverside, California.

Justin and Jason Tran also live in Riverside, as well as Ernie Kaiser. Lots of other yoyoers are from Riverside.


We do pay taxes, and we get money from the oil industry, this year it was a check for 990 bucks.


Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Franklin square, NY ;D


St.Pierre Manitoba 1/2 hour south of Winnipeg!


I live in Columbus, IN


My grandparents live about fifteen minutes from there. Do you know where stuartburn is?