Is there any other yoyoers from central California?

Hey guys, I know this an old thread but I was just curious if there was anymore new yoyoers from central California (Fresno area) ? If there is just send a PM my way

Bakersfield, CA!!!

Tehachapi! ;D 45 minutes east of Bakersfield in the mountains

well i live in la

I live in San Francisco.

Anyone else?

I live in Oakdale (an hour from Sacramento)

I’m in Elk Grove, just south of Sacramento.

Central California is a large area. Maybe you want to get a little more closer to your city perhaps?

Cantral ill

Madhouse guys are from Fresno

Rick and Nick both moved :’(

does nor cal count?? i live in chico

I live in Sonora. Only 1/2 hour east of Oakdale.

Is there anywhere to buy yo yo’s in Oakdale?

Big 5 only Sells Flying Panda. Sonora is Oakdale’s rival in everything! Should it include yo-yos? I don’t think so. We must band together. I’m guessing you’re just like me, starting out as the only thrower and then spreading it to you friends. Man, never knew someone was so close.

I didn’t know there was a rivalry between Oakdale and Sonora! Both small towns with nothing to do.

I think i’m the only one in Sonora who owns a yo yo. I’ve only met one person who has shown any interest. He has a machine shop and wants to possibly start a yo yo company.

Hopefull we’ll get more people in our area to see the light…

San Jose :3

Saratoga, near San Jose

Well, Oakdale High and Sonora High always go at it with sports and such. Both small towns out in the country with only one department store and one high school? The similarities cause the hate. I’m a high school student so it’s always talked about. I don’t know if you’re a High school student either.

If yo-yo contests got into the VOL league then we’d be at it neck and neck and if Oakdale loses then I’d be ridiculed. Man, it’s hard when a fellow yo-yoer is in a Rival Town.

I’m 42, so I don’t know anything about the high school rivalries.

Don’t worry, Oakdale would win the yo yo contest, because I suck!!!

Anybody new?