Anybody in the Fresno area?

Any yoyoers here in the Fresno area?

I’m down in Monterey

San Francisco ;D. You guys goin’ to Nationals?

wish i could afford it

Orange Cove, i’m only about 45 minutes away.

when and where?

I’m in good 'ol Bakersfield.

It’s nearby.

Can you link some more info? I can’t find anything on it.

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edited cuz I misread another post.

I’m down in Bakersfield as well! I thought I was the only one!

Dude… No way! I thought I was the only one too!

I go to Fresno very often, in fact I’m going to Fresno either tomorrow the next three weeks.

I go around Tulare

Sorry about the necro. I did not want to start a new thread. I live in the Fresno area.

I started to think there were only 6 people in fresno who threw. It would awesome if madhouse Rick was still here.

What part/school in Fresno?

Clovis, actually. I used Fresno to get attention since it is much more known. Buchanan High

Do you know a Trevor that plays alto sax?