Welsoyoyos Feedback

I recently bought a throw from Welso. It took him a little while (approximately a week) to ship which is completely understandable considering he is a younger kid thus reliant on parents for rides. The yo-yos were packaged well and made it to the destination safely. I would feel confident purchasing from him again!


BSTers beware, Welso Smith has owed me $70 since early July. He has ghosted me now. I do not expect to be paid at this point. He also has had some BST issues with other people lately as well.


I’ll add my own recent experience as well. I bought their EYYC Sleipnir mid-August. There was a lot of hooplah w/ tracking numbers but I did get it two weeks later. Given your experience from July though I’m pretty certain I only got the yo-yo because I paid via Goods & Services which kept the money on hold until it got here.



Saw this on Facebook today, it is someone else’s BST experience with Welso.


Here is someone’s experience trading with Welso from around May of this year. Just putting this information out there so people don’t get scammed, because not everyone is on Facebok.


Well this is very clear that welso deserves to be banned and kicked from the community.

The guy who was just scammed for $375 is Welso’s friend, who 2 weeks ago was just defending another welso transaction gone wrong. You should be very careful to work with anyone associated with welso.