weird question: Is there anywhere i can get a mobile wifi hotspot to take on vac


that i can rent for a few days?

like a store where i can pick it up? leaving tomorrow… ???


You’ll have to just go sit at Starbucks or Mickey D’s.


nah i mean like a little hotspot box thingy…


I don’t know that you can rent them… It’s not worth it, for me, to just take on vacation.

(sushi) #5

Well if you are staying at a hotel they will most likely have wifi there.


not stayin in a hotel :frowning:




cabin type thing


I would just google “what restaurants have WiFi?” and just eat there and sit there and stuff lol.


You can make android/Verizon devices a mobile hotspur but it’s expensive.


Yup that’s what I did and am using it now!