BAC2015- Trading mint Chief for a place to crash.


Hey everyone, im going to be attending BAC and need a place to crash for the week, I just need a place to sleep and shower, I’ll be getting there on the 21st, and leave on May 26th.

If anyone is up for it please let me know ASAP. I can offer you a mint Ash berry Chief in return.

EDIT*** Sorry, I overlooked some of the details. I am not asking for someone to pay a hotel for me, nor I am saying that a week of staying in a hotel or house costs 145 dlls. I am looking for someone living in San Francisco that wouldn’t mind sharing their couch\floor for me to sleep on as a gesture of goodwill and comradery. Giving you the chief is not a payment, it is just a way of saying thank you and give something in return for being nice to me. :slight_smile:

Ash berry Chief pics:


I would definitely do this, but I’m only at the hotel from the 22nd through 24th. See you there!


Absolutely the most AMAZING post I have ever seen!

I wonder if the Outrigger Hotel in Honolulu would do a week for a Mint Cold Fusion?

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You can stay with me.


Sorry for the misunderstanding, I just edited my post explaining what I was really asking for.


If I can’t find anything I’ll let you know :slight_smile: See you there!


Really? :slight_smile: Do you live in SF?


No he doesn’t. He was being facetious.


I suggest checking couchsurfing as well


Yep, thanks for the suggestion, :wink: i am already searching for a hosts on couchsurfing, just thought it would be cooler to stay with a fellow yoyoer, i’ll keep trying here though.

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Sorry for being a goober. If it helps, I’ve had good experience with couchsurfing.