Need A Roommate for Worlds. Can Help Pay. Crisis, Help!

So heres the short of it. I am 17. I am going alone. The hotel manager previously said he would let this slide and let me check into a room despite being a minor. Well, he changed his mind. I have already bought my plane ticket and now have nowhere to stay once I am there.

If someone who has a room AT worlds has any amount of floor space, it would be greatly appreciated. I can help pay for the room. You won’t even know I’m there. I plan to be hitting the hay each night by midnight at the latest. All that kind of small stuff can be worked out later.

I am getting in on August 2nd and leaving August 5th. So I’d need to stay 3 nights.
If anyone has any floor space in the Rosen Plaza, please contact me via Personal Message or at my cell: