weird duncan freehand

I have a weird thing going on with my duncan freehand…
Last two day’s i’ve been throwing my sleeper harder (as hard as I can). And it just doesn’t seem to spin a long as it did before… It used to have a duncan friction sticker in it, I removed that for less response, but is seems as if it spins longer with the friction sticker on it… Is that in any way possible or is it likely that i have to use some lube? (my yoyo is only a week and 2 days out of the box…)

Sorry about the 2nd post, i wanted to edit my last one and add something, but it just got stuck at “loading” when i pressed the edit icon…

Another thing i find quite weird is that the package said “contains extra spacers for advanced play” , But these extra spacers included are less thick than the ones that were in the yoyo, so it gives me a smaller gap ??? So it got me wondering if it was possible to place more than 2 spacers on a yoyo… I tried it, but my string got caught between the spacer and the bearing all the time… :-\

Sometimes if you don’t have enough response, the string will slip as you throw the yoyo and it won’t spin well. I’d put another sticker on.

Hmm, but it allready is quite responsive, a rather small tug is enough to get it to come back…

Learn to play responsive. It will make you a better yoyoer because if you aren’t smooth, it will come back.

So, more response doesn’t always lead to less spin time?

In this case no, as the yoyo is traveling down from the hand, the string NEEDS to grab on to something to generate spin. No response = no friction. Which means the string can’t grab anything. Which means you get a crappy spin

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Agreeing with Q, yes, you need at least 1 Friction Sticker for a decent spin time.
If you feel your ready for less response, try Duncan Silicone Stickers:
Remember to get the 12mm size, not the 13.7mm size. 13.7mm is for C sized bearing yoyos only.

Now regarding your spacer problem, no, do not stack spacers. Use one pair at a time.
And yes, the brass ones pre-installed in your yoyo are thicker and more “advanced” than the slightly thinner nickel spacers also included.

Or you could solve all these problems at once by purchasing a Velocity:
Long spin time, K-Pad response, and the ability to make the yoyo responsive or unresponsive with the turn of a dail. Highly recommended.

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Thanks for the info guys. At first the had 2 friction stickers when it came out of the box i think… But they were worn of pretty fast, now they don’t generate any friction at all… So i took 1 friction sticker out of my flying squirrel to put in my freehand. Both play good now, except i find the freehand a bit too responsive. The friction stick that is in the freehand now it totally destroyed by practicing my binds ;D

I ordered some friction stickers from duncan last week, i hope my shipment doesn’t get delayed at the customs, so i can replace this sticker…

I would recommend getting Duncan silicone stickers next time. They are less grippy than friction stickers and they last much, much, much longer.

If you are getting good responce and don’t feel it slipping on the way down it could be you just got crap in your bearing. Clean it and lube it, take two and call me in the morning.

The weird thing is, when i firt got it it was quite responsive, not as much as the flying squirrel, but i could get it to return, after 5 days that changed :p.

The friction sticker i was talking about was the one i took from my flying squirrel.
I think the freehand came with 2 sillicone stickers in it out of the box…
I just placed the other sticker on top of it cause i didn’t learn to bind then. Then i decided i needed to learn binding and removed the extra friction sticker… No luck though :slight_smile:
Well, I beginning to think i just suck at binding :).

Most of the times i bind there happens to be 1 of the following 3 problems:
a) I get a horrible knot (probably cause my loop is too big)
b) When the yoyo is spinning rather slow, i bind, the loop gets caught but it doesn’t return (all the way)
c) I bind and the loop just slips against the response system but doesn’t return. It slips through.

I’m going insane over this thing :-[
A Duncan freehand has 2 silicone stickers in out of the box right ??? At least it doesn’t look like a Friction sticker like in the flying squirrel, its ar rather smooth surface…

Can the silicone stickers be too worn out for doing a decent bind? I’d say i’ve used this yoyo (and the stock response system) for about 25 hours of actual throwing.

I’ve watched all the movies i could find on binding, frontside bind, bind from a brain twister mount and the rolling bind… And it just keeps slipping through. I use a real big loop for the bind (1/2 of the sting sometimes).

You can always try replacing the string.