Weaver Stringz - a review

(Sensei Dave) #1

Weaver Stringz - a review of a new string!

Reviewer: Dave Herrera, Founder of the Eli Hops Foundation

A five day long review spanning several types and price ranges of yo-yos. Enjoy!

Day 1 - Duncan Butterfly

For every string review I do I like to start where it all started… responsive play. I tossed the string onto a Duncan Butterfly and played it all day.


1a (responsive, solid aluminum axle, $3 - $5) - I was able to easily complete simple tricks like double and triple or nothing, brain twister, etc without any undo stress. Normally on a Butterfly those tricks are doable but need to be rushed- the Weaver String allowed me a more comfortable pace with enough spin left over to still tug it back to my hand! Oldies like “Rock the Baby” and “Eiffel Tower” were a breeze on the hollow plastic classic. I attempted some multiple wrap tricks, whips, and grinds but the starburst response
left me with sore knuckles.

Day 1, Weaver String earns 4 out of 5 stars for making a Butterfly playable!

Day 2 - YoyoFactory 401K (modded with YYF o-rings pads)

I won this throw from an online Augie Fash contest. It was his. I took the star shuttles out and put in the o-ring ones they put in the newest version of the Velocity. But I digress…

1a (adjustable response, Size A bearing, $70, discontinued) - I love this throw but it tends to get ignored for others (usually large bearing bretheren) and collects dust. I purposefully chose this yo-yo to get it back into my hands. While normally a slightly snaggy throw, it became smooth as glass with the Weavers. Spin time was noticeably improved and therefore over-all control of the throw. Whips were smooth and wide open. This string does not twist up on itsself quickly and it holds its shape nicely.

One slight drawback I find it that it tended to be almost too slippy. I really had to adjust my bind to throw way over where I usually had to. However, once I got used to that it was a snappy binds when I wanted and no snags when I didn’t.

Day 2, Weaver Strings get 4 out of 5. It would have been five but for the slip issue I had to correct for.

Day 3 - YoyoFactory DV888 (Center Trac Bearing)

Today was a great day for a yo-yo review. Some of you may know my secret identity as a store clerk at Boing Toys south of Boston MA. (www.boingtoys.com). Well I happened to have a shift that day and I am encouraged to yo-yo in store.

I was throwing my entire shift, giving customers on the spot lessons and even managed to sell some yo-yos. Good times! So, as you can rightly assume, the Weaver got put through its paces.

1a (non-responsive, center trac bearing $45) - The DV888 is a great throw for the price. Normally pretty decent spin times but can be a bit snaggy going “against the grain” on some multiple wrap tricks. I have used everything from %100 cotton to full poly on this throw and it always has that snag. Weaver all but eliminated the snag. Now that could be do to the fact that the string samples I was sent are the “skinny” version but I don’t care. I am just happy for the lack of snag! I will be interested in trying the thick version later on.

Just like on Day 2, whips stay wide and smooth and the slack I get on my grinds doesn’t twist in on itself unless I am very careless. Spin time seemed to be increased especially on multiple wraps.

Day 3, 5 out of 5 stars for sheer awesomeness.

Day 4 - Yomega Maverick (standard D bearing)

Today is for those of us who can’t afford or don’t have access to the $40, $60, $100 metals. The Yomega Maverick is what I lovingly refer to as a “budget metal”. Like all Yomega throws this came responsive put of the package but I have had it so long that the molded rubber response has worn away to a deep recess and plays as unresponsive as my more expensive throws.

1a (D bearing, $25 - $30) - I retired this yo-yo from regular play a long time ago. This is what I learned on, really. It has hit more pavement than an over zealous beat-cop and has the scarring to prove it. Its ugly, but it still plays great for a $25 metal.

I tell ya what, I may un-retire my Maverick when I get a bundle of Weavers. What it used to lack in spin time due to the excessive friction cause by the molded rubber response it gained back with some extra tooboot. The soft %100 poly and thin design of the string almost negated the drag that normally accompanies that style of response, even when worn down to a recess. I found it playing like a yo-yo twice the price. A drawback with this particular yo-yo is that because the response is so recessed it was very hard to get a bind. I practically had to wrap the loop around the axle before the bind would take. That, and combined with a thin string profile, and extra space around the bearing seat from the worn away response, made for more than one very nasty knot-up. This, however, I believe to be the fault of the yo-yo NOT the string. I would try it on a new Maverick if I had one, but I don’t.

Day 4, 3 out of 5 stars for the knuckle-busters.

Day 5 - One Drop Deitz (center-trac bearing)

Here it is folks, the Deitz is one of the most respected and sought after competition grade undersized throws on the market today. This is my go-to throw when I want to go it right and look good doing it.

1a (Center-trac bearing, $90) - Humanahumana-hooowaah!

Wowzers. Snappy binds, super long spin times, smooth whips, transitions, hops, and snag/knot-free. An already amazing throw has been pushed to 11 on a Weaver. My only teeny-tiny problem was I wished the string was an inch or two longer. The colorway of the string (yellow/‘rocket blue’) even blended well with my rare green Deitz. Love!

Day 5, 7.5 out of 5 stars. Yeah, you read that right! Extra stars for extra awesome.


Will I reccomend Weaver Strings to everyone I run into on the street?

Heck yeah.

Will I be continuing use of the Weavers?

Boy howdy, will I ever!

Are Weaver Strings the best yo-yo string on the planet?


Will the use of Weaver Strings give you yo-yo super powers beyond that of mortal man?

I don’t know, I already have super powers. You will just have to pick up some of your own and find out!

Dave, the yo-yo man.
Founder, Eli Hops Foundation




Davion from Weaver Stringz sent me a test pack of these. After a couple hours of throwing with them on, I messaged him and ordered some up for my own personal use, and had him make a custom color for the special edition Monkey Fist yo-yo being released this April. I was very impressed with their all around playability. My favorite thing about them aside from their durability ( I usually go through a string or 2 a day of normal poly, I’m over a week with 1 Weaver String) is how soft they are on the hands. I yo-yo a lot every day, and nothing is worse than getting dry/cracked hands and cuts from your yoyo strings. This problem is especially tough to deal with in the winter months for me. Using the Weaver Stringz I’m pretty sure I’ll no longer have to worry about this. Great product Davion, go make a ton of it so you can get it out to the masses!

-Nick Gumlaw
Spin Dynamics


Thanks Guys