We created a 3D printer yoyo that performs as well as bimetal

This method is groundbreaking enough.
You don’t have to be afraid to leave the rim anymore.
It’s strong, and the plastic’s strong sleep is attractive

I tried to make a yoyo in this way with CNC, but they said they couldn’t make a hole for the axle.
It’s only possible with a 3D printer, so players with a 3D printer should try it.

It’s been a while since I uploaded this content, but I wonder how US players will see it.


This is pretty awesome. I’d love to try one of these.


Unfortunately, if you look at the video, we can’t sell it because i have to put 18 axles by hand :joy:
But we’re developing a yo-yo with a similar architectural principle.
It’s going to be a perfect yo-yo, so please look forward to it.


I certainly will. Thanks for the response!

Park Woo Chan!! Do I have his name right? He is sooooo good. That was fun to watch.

Excellent design concept, well done. “Bi-Material”

That’s right. He’s been helping me since he was a kid, and now I have great designs. Thank you for liking it

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This is great. Thanks for sharing. What are the black bolts you’re using? Is there somewhere I can purchase these parts? Everything else seems readily available at hardware stores.

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Unfortunately, the black bolt is made by CNC. i took a picture of the structure of the part that is easily find. I recommend you to make it this way.

This is a newly modified method to make jeffrey Pang’s model. because we have no space parts. In this way, you only need to get M4 sized bolts and nuts.
I’m sorry I can’t go into detail


I was going to recommend you check out a Korean guy on Instagram who came up with a novel bearing sleeve for 3d printed yo-yos… it’s you. :joy:

Yes, that’s me!

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