was there a one drop and general yo collab ministar?


I just bought a ministar from a guy who said that is was a one drop and general yo collab and i dont know if it true or not. i looked at all the colors that were made for the ministar and it dosent show that there were ever any green ones which is the color of this ministar. im just curious to see if it is true or not :smiley:


Post a picture and it will be easier to tell. If it has a one drop logo on it then it is one.


Yeah, itโ€™s true. I canโ€™t remember all the details, but I think the finish was done by OD.


i will post picture when i get it

(major_seventh) #5

So it was YOU who out priced me for the 5* and the Ministar! :wink:


Yes, there was.

https://farm6.staticflickr.com/5498/14296494233_fdde256ecf_b.jpgUntitled by lj_vegabomb, on Flickr