Warm and fuzzy yo-yo stories that are true!

(Sensei Dave) #1

Here’s the deal, heart-warming yo-yo related stories or happenings that have happened to you and are true! Share and spread the love people!

Here’s mine:

So yesterday was one of the coolest yo-yo days I have had in a while. Topped only by the performance I did at an elementary school and the first Eli Hops event.

We were at the Rockingham Park Mall in Salem NH doing mall stuff. (My wife’s Mac laptop’s logic board is fried and they are fixing it at the Apple Store) Up on the second floor there is one of those projector pads that reacts to a break in the beam on the picture that’s on the floor. My son Eli loves playing on it for ages. I was actually sitting there filling out an application for a job while he played. A family of 3 (a dad, two kids, one is a cousin methinks) showed up in the empty section of the mall that we were in to also play with the floor, and a shiny new Red Duncan Butterfly. The Dad was able to throw a decent responsive gravity pull and even a front pass. The kids (probably ages 7 and 10) were hard pressed to get it to come back at all.

Naturally (after I finished the application) I busted out my Raptor and went crazy-go-nuts which thoroughly impressed all of them. One thing led to another and I ended up teaching a twenty minute yo-yo class (picture tricks 101) in the mall. The dad was into it the most. I wish I had a pic of his face when he landed “Jamaican Flag”. It was extra sweet cause the family was from Jamaica originally. We were all jumping and cheering when somebody finally got a trick, spreading love and joy on a string!

The mom and older sister showed up towards the end and the three newbies couldn’t wait to show off what they had learned. It warmed my heart and filled my soul with fuzzy-happiness.

Then we parted ways, me with a swelling feeling of “that-was-awesome” and the family all deciding what kind of yo-yos to get.

I love yo-yos.

And I am glad I always have four on me :slight_smile:

(Jei Cheetah) #2

I started yoyoing.


Nothing big but during a softball tournament and between games. Kids are playing catch, playing their Nintendo DS’s and playing on mom & dad’s iPad/iPhone, typical things kids do these days, except for this group of 3 kids who were running around. At the same time, I’m messing with my Raptor. The kids running around and playing stop and switch gears. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a bright red Pro Fly come out and I see the kids try mimicking what I’m doing (but not succeeding). After 10 minutes of this, I came over to them as they were struggling with the gravity pull. I knew that they wanted help but they shied off. Finally they came up as I showed them how to gravity pull and how to detangle their yoyo. The parents then came up seeing the kids struggle and playing violently with it told them to ‘play with it like that guy over there is doing’ (referring to me). After, we got to talking and the mother (who looked like the would be the snobby type) told the kids to listen and watch closely at what I’m showing them. In the end, they came running up to their mom, asking to go to Toys R Us to get a bearing yoyo. Of course I told them to check out YYE as well as there’s a larger selection and some great yo’s at a decent price.


I started off with a yoyo with a brain, I forgot what it was called. My sister broke it.

4 months later (I’m guessing) I get a shiny new Red duncan imperial. It breaks

I then get a blue one, I cut the string too short and I find it impossible to use. (Not anymore, I still have it)

Get’s Duncan butterfly. It breaks

10 months later I get a Metal drifter. That’s my story

I know that’s not what you meant but I wanted to tell the story.


That story made me cry.

(DOGS) #6

Was looking for a yoyo so I could zip up my case. Flipped up the covers on my bed, and there was my cat, no lie, curled up with the yoyo. Coincidentally, he’s pretty warm and fuzzy.

It’s pretty nice playing with a pre-warmed metal. I think it was my Ronin, though I have no clue how I managed to leave it on my bed.


Almost a year ago, there was going to be a yoyo demo at one of the local elementary schools, and the younger kids were looking forward to it, because they enjoyed seeing me perform after school or at NAND concerts or other school sanctioned activities. Well, the day came, and I couldn’t see the demo, because I was in high school, and the administration was too snooty to let the local yoyo guy( me) go see…

Not to put the other guy down, but after it was over, my audience was twice as big and more focused and interested because they said I possessed greater skill with my eyes closed… After they identified the tricks he did it was confirmed… Anyways, all the praise was nice, but the real kicker is they might pay me to come back and do a demo of my own!


Taught a group of street kids/urchins how to do a bind return. They in turn taught me how to get a diabolo moving. Best saturday ever…