Want to trade a "Pre Production Punchline"

What’s up? I has been a long time since I have traded or sold anything. I picked up two Punchlines this past week. One is a almost mint production Punchline and one is a Pre Production “Soda Blasted” Punchline. I saw the pre production one first and thought, “Sweet I need a Punchline.” The other I got had just to good of a price tag on it for me to pass on. So I got two Punchlines. I figured that I would try both our for a while and see which one I liked better I would keep and the other I would trade for something. Well I have had both for like 36-48 hours and I can already tell I like the production Punchline better. Mainly for the color and finish. The soda blast is really nice on the one but the bead blast like better. They both grind just as well, I just like the way the bead blast rubs my skin better than the soda blast. So that being said, the Punchline I am trading is in great shape. There is one uber small ding that almost can be felt. Super smooth yoyo. (not the smoothest, that’s the MKII) What you are going to see in the pics will look like dings, but that is just were some of the soda is coming off. This would be a great yoyo to give a anodizing job to. I payed $80 for this yoyo, I would like to see if I could for a yoyo with a value at least $65. I would like a higher value yoyo. Anyways that is what I got here are the pics,

Thanks for looking.

Your link is broken.

I fixed my link. I have been ask what I want for this and all I can say is that I am really just looking for anything cool. I think I am going to leave this up until next Sat. and see what I have. I will go through the offers I have been given and decide which to go with. So offer up.

Bump with style. 8)