Walgreens acetone

I was told that even though it is 100% acetone, and water isn’t listed in the ingredients, it probably still contains water.
Should I continue using it? If so, should I do something different after cleaning like using a hair dryer?

If it’s 100% Acetone it can’t include any water now can it?

Also, a little water will not hurt your bearing. I have a few bearings I regularly wash in soap and water (They’re fine).

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Said it before, ill say it again. Walgreen’s is not slinging anhydrous acetone. You need to go through a chemical supply company to get that.
Is Walgreen’s acetone clean enough to use for our purposes? Probably.

That was my mentality, but better safe then sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

I there was water in it, though, would I just have to leave it out to dry?

Just spin it out…
There isn’t enough water in there that it will rust your bearings before it all evaporates away…

You can always just do a quick evaporation test. Pour a little of the acetone in a small clear glass dish/cup and wait for it to evaporate. If there is any residue/liquid leftover then you know it isn’t very pure and that same residue would end up in your bearing after cleaning it. If there’s no residue then it’s fine to use on your bearings.


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