VsNYYC - Moonwalker - Jason Wong ano'd

Which side of the Moonwalker splash do you prefer?

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Kind regards, and my thanks to TA for brightening up our forum time :slight_smile:

So I’m going to say I like the complexity of the right hand side.

I like the right side :wink:

You are so kind slowyojoe. :wink: I went with the right, more even…more splash, more excitement. Thanks for posting!


I like the right because it has more color than the left.

Funny thing is I prefer the left since it has less splash

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I wondered if someone was going to go for that! Thank you sparhawk. As if you could go up in my estimations…

I like the right side because I feel it better shows the fade color. That being said, if it wasn’t the fade splash, I would prefer the left. Heavy splash can look cluttered, and if that was just a solid yellow splash, it would look messy to me.



Right totally

Same, I feel that because there is less splash, you notice the complexities within it.

I think Joe wants to sell it to me. :-\


I knew I wanted to sell it to someone I just couldn’t remember who. We settled at about $450 right? Oh and I think you offered me a leg too?


Left is more appealing in my opinion, just looks more elegant and simple. The heavy splash of the right is too much, IMHO.



Right it looks more complex