Vs NYYC skywalker, OD cascade YYE edition, YYF avant-garde 2

Hey, I have a couple yo-yos I’ll take offers on. Skywalker has dings but it’s still super smooth and a great all around player.

Avant- grade 2 and OD cascade are essentially mint/no dings, both are butter smooth and played fairly little.

I don’t throw much these days and have been away from the community for years so I don’t really know what things are worth, that said I know Skywalkers were pretty rare/desirable when I was throwing and I imagine that hasn’t changed much. So offer up.

Not really interested in any trades besides maybe a blasted/hubstacked YYF DNA or a BBYY wedgie, yeah I’m old but I’ve always regretted trading those…



Cascade is gone, AG 2 and skywalker still available

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