vs. Newton YoYo Concepts Sky Walker (D-Bearing)

Hello, all! I’m here to review this upcoming yo-yo from VsNYYC.

I don’t think I’ll post pictures, just because it’s the same thing as the OG Sky Walker, with a smaller bearing, and mine is unanodized anyways. If you don’t know what a Sky Walker looks like, there is a page for it in the YYE store.

-Looks like a Sky Walker with a smaller bearing.
-Mine is a raw b-grade, so it didn’t get sent of to blasting/ano. So it just looks raw.
-Attractive lines, and minimalistic cup, exactly like the Sky Walker.

Feel in the hand:
-Exactly like a Sky Walker. Same shape.
-Mine is raw and unblasted, so mine would not reflect a production run piece in the aspect of finish.
-Has a good heft to it, just like the Sky Walker.
-It has flat rims. I know this is a deal breaker for some people. This is merely a preference. I like them.

On a throw:
-Dead unresponsive right out of the box.
-Hits the bottom of the string a bit harder than a Sky Walker. Think: Werrd Irony(ish).
-Not as “darty” as the Sky Walker. More of a mellow, easy-going play.
-You can still push it as fast as you need it to go. Think: Battosai.
-Feels a lot more “solid” or “hefty” than the Sky Walker.
-The spin quality feels stronger and faster (maybe because of the bearing?), and I never find myself having to stop mid-combo to bind.
-In a weird way, it feels like it knows what it has to do, and does everything it can to do it.
-I find off-axis play to be a bit more difficult than with a Sky Walker, maybe due to the change in play feel (solid, mellow).

-Pretty smooth. It has that “Sky Walker Vibe”, but nothing you can feel during play. Once again, mine is a b-grade, so it has imperfections.
-Not the best for off-axis, but it still gets the job done.
-It has a really nice bearing noise to it (i dunno. I like the different bearing sounds.)
-It has very SLIGHT kickback. Barely noticeable, but it’s there. Once again, somewhat like the Irony.
-For me, the play of it tends to be good for chopsticks style tricks.
-It’s a little harder to bind due to the gap being a bit wider. It binds like a YYF, so whatever you do to bind a YYF, do with this.
-There is a TINY IGR. So, thumb grinds will work if you give it a little tilt.

If you like the Sky Walker, buy it. If you didn’t quite like the Sky Walker, it’s different enough for you to like, so buy it. Even though it’s just a change in bearing size, the play is quite noticeable, and I must say that I might even like it a bit more than my favorite yo-yo; the Sky Walker. Heath has a history of hitting home runs with his designs, ever since the first release of the Sky Walker at BAC 2 years ago, and this yo-yo definitely follows suit.

9.5/10 Would buy again.

glad that you liked it :slight_smile:

reminder: Sky Walker vibe=peak vibe and was only present in the 1st run/b grade 2nd run

My First Run “The Works” Skywalker is dead smooth! God Bless - Moefv

bumped because people keep asking for a review :stuck_out_tongue:

Heath, the first run “the works” skywalker you sent me is also dead smooth. It had a minimum vibe at first, but then i replaced the bearing for a kk and it became perfect.