Vs. Newton Septopus MINT FS/FT

Take a look. See anything you like send me an offer and ill get right back to you

[the best yoyo i have ever been in the presents of] OMG its a: MINT vs. Newton Septopus!!! ALL MINT NO FLAWS (you offer, offer well, no trades unless the best darn offer comes in) Very Rare and this might be your last chance to get one!!!

offer the best you possibly can my friends, because its a Septopus.

Its also on ebay, heres a link,

What I do want ( in order of how much I want it )
-Any CLYW besides the Peak
-Vs. Newton
    ~Ti Walker
    ~Sky walker (wont offer as much for this throw)
    ~Any Mint Dv888 Splash

  • One Drop
        ~Code One
  • Werrd
        ~4XL Grooved Only
        ~Split Desicion Any one

Deal Sweeteners:
kk bearings
(ask for more info :wink: )

And dont worry if you want to offer something not on the list go ahead, also i might alter the price if you send me a resonable offer. :smiley:

If you would like you can Email me a jaheilberg@gmail.com, and my name is James.





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