Vs Newton - Battosai | YoYoSkills.com Review

(Chris Allen) #1

Heath from Vs Newton is a giant teddy bear. A giant, “comes to life at night” teddy bear. A giant “Comes to life and rips your face off” teddy bear. I mean this figuratively of course, in that his products completely bypass what you have set as your expectation, and then rips your face off. Heath has created a line of not only beautiful artistic yoyos, but also highly playable and in my opinion, very underrated. One of his latest designs is the Battosai. Other than being unpronounceable by me (I keep on saying Batista) , it is highly regarded as a sleeper hit. I received a Cherry Blossom Branch Battosai for my birthday from an awesome Freddy Mercury high five worthy reader and have been counting the days until my week long review session.

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