Vote For The Winner of our YoYoExpert Halloween Costume Contest!


Thanks to everyone who participated in our annual Halloween Costume Contest. We had such a great turnout this year!

[b]Congratulations to our 5 finalists! Each of the finalists will receive a $25 gift card to YoYoExpert and one lucky winner will take home $100! Cast your vote now![/b]


Spidey all day!!!

they were all really great though!!!


I have narrowed it down to the Pirate and Spiderman. I need some time to think on it.




The stay puft marshmallow man


This is a toughie, because spidey is cool, but no mask is throwing me off. I’ll have to think on it. :-\


The spidey guy is the best ever


So cool that I was selected in the top 5!!! The Spiderman shot is hands down the best though.


Nice! Shame some of em dont look as good as they are when zoomed in :slight_smile:


Definitely The Zombie!


I’d have to say zombie


Best COSTUME = Stormtrooper Best PICTURE = Spidey

({RTD} alecto) #13

spidey all the way.

(Erik Kerber ) #14


All are really good though I really liked the storm trooper cuz I’m a starwars nerd and th stay puffed marshmellow man was funny.


I love the spider man one!


Agreed, Stormtrooper is the best costume and this is a costume contest.


That’s what happens when you trash pick a costume and it’s really a girls costume. But I’m glad i made it this far. I’m digging the pirate because of his peg leg trapeze.


Most creative and most effort into the photo is definitely Spider-Man. Most effort on the makeup and stuff, Zombie by farrr.


I’m gonna have to go with spiderman. That is a real awesome pic and cool how the yoyo was thrown out to look like Web shooting.

Good job to all the entry’s though! :slight_smile:


It is a costume contest but spidey uses the yoyo as a main prop in his costume. Not just a trick well in a costume. In my opinion This gives hime big bonus points!