Vong Kin Ian Spiderman and Fiesta XX FS/FT

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Vong Kin Ian Spiderman

The worst of the damage is pictured, I can get more pics of it if interested.
This is a rare yoyo created by Vong Kin Ian. It was originally owned by Josh Yee. It has dings and scuffs on the rims, but I would not call it beat. It has a little vibe, but when tuned properly it is minimal. A great player with a unique shape and cool engraving. Awesome for finger spins and finger grinds due to the shape.
-$60 or trade. Looking for Recrec Freq Wave, Code 2, SPYY, some Japanese throws, and offers. If you are willing to trade a YYR Fragment I will add a lot of deal sweeteners and probably some cash, too.


C3 Token GONE

Fiesta XX

Blue Fiesta XX with mirror caps. Has some typical 4A marks/scuffs that are hardly noticeable, the last picture is showing a tiny dent which is the only damage that you can feel, but it is very hard to see. This is my only offstring yoyo and I am wanting to try something new, an offstring yoyo with rubber rims and a narrower gap.
-$18 or trade for a YYJ Go Big (extra points for Swagger edition). Maybe you have more than one or are wanting to try a Fiesta XX. I will add deal sweeteners.

YYF Protostar
Red Protostar. It is pretty beat up and seems like it was overtightened at one point. It still plays good, just with some vibe.
-$14. Or to be used as a deal sweetener.

Deal Sweeteners (String)

I have lots of different types of string that can be used as deal sweeteners. We will work it out once interest is shown on a yoyo above.

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