viral video thread


here you can post videos of stuff you found online note i does not have to be yoyo related it can be anything like a new music video an amazing creation ect. have fun with it :smiley:

(Owen) #2


soon enough those ducks will be hypnotized heres ones that some of you will enjoy


I’m currently working on my best knex ball machine yet! It’s called Renegade

by the way, if you liked that, you’ll love this!

I am a knex fanatic-This video is not mine by the way.


I’ll share some of my all time favorites


Ha ha that lmfao video is funny and so is the moonwalking person through Walmart that store has some of the weirdest people if you like that stuff Google the people of walmart they have hilarious content but for now the most epic thing on YouTube for now

note i don’t knowhow my sister and brother don’t like it


bump for the videos some of these are really cool



'Nuf said


Where’s the video or link?





Nice videos love gingham stlye and that overly attached girlfriend is super creepy any ways here’s some owl city the music videos are really cool

My favorite songs from the band :smiley:


OH MY GOSH. Look up “high five for first kiss” on youtube. SO CUTE!!!
Wow, I sound so unmanly right now. I meant, umm…It was an epic film capturing a young ladies’ man, the kind that makes me want to stroke my beard… ::slight_smile:


Okay a little too much information


Viral video criteria:

  1. It cannot be an official music video or lyric display video.
  2. It cannot be a video from a majorly subscribed channel.
  3. It must be clever and worth watching
  4. Cat videos, or any other “cute” video, are no longer worth viewing.


Okay I never thought about having a criteria so okay


If there was no criteria, than there would be way to many unfunny videos; what ShaneDawson or RWJ puts out. You have to look real deep, but the videos you can uncover are priceless.
some language


There is one video that is hilarious, but it is on the second channel of a popular youtube duo. Not many people would have seen this. May I post?


It’s probably Rhett and Link…


Good guess! …Are you reading my e-mail?