Vintage YYFs!

Hi :slight_smile: Letting go of some throws I don’t touch so much anymore. For some of these guys below, I’m not actually sure how to price them, mostly because I don’t see them come up often. So I’ll just open them to your offers – please DM me with a price you have in mind, and not ask what I’m looking for it. Looking to move these guys soon, so hit me up.

  1. Cadence ES – couple of flatspots. smooth. sold
  2. Puffin 2 – Electric Bacon colorway. one flat spot and one scratch, comes with box. smooth. sold
  3. OG Superstar – mint with box, no damage, dead smooth. purple acid wash ano is slightly faded. sold
  4. Genesis – can’t remember which version this is. some dings, but smooth. still plays great. sold
  5. Supernova – again, unsure of version and what it’s worth. some pinpricks, but smooth. sold
  6. 44 Clash Grind Machine 2 – sold

A note about shipping and G&S fees – I’m shipping from Singapore, and I know international shipping is something people avoid now because of the pandemic. If it helps, I will be shipping using DHL – they’re the fastest and most reliable international courier service I know, and I think you would be in very, very good hands. Flat fee of $13 for international shipping; if you get more than one throw I’ll cover the rest. G&S fees are included in the prices above, so don’t worry about it.

Here’s my trader feedback thread:

Thank you!


GM2 and Puffin 2 sold!

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Cadence ES and Supernova sold! bump :slight_smile: Genesis and Superstar still here!



Superstar and Genesis sold to a friendly gentleman! please close this, thank you mods :slight_smile: