Vine: Overrated Media Outlet or Birth of a New Kind of Video?


Hey guys, I have been thinking about this lately. As most of us probably already know, Twitter has created an app called “Vine”. On this app essentially you can make video tweets. The videos are less than 6 seconds long, and can utilize some basic effects they provide you. Most people use it to show themselves partying with their friends or something along those lines, but I am wondering- Do you think this is the birth of a new kind of yoyo video? It would be very quick and easy to make, technically challenged people wouldn’t have to worry about editing, and they wouldn’t be so long (4 minute videos get old pretty quick). You would either have to have insane speed, or just be able to do a really cool trick in 6 seconds or less.

I think the possibility here is pretty cool, I am wondering what everybody else thinks!

(Jei Cheetah) #2

It’s a website


Isn’t Vine a social media network? Either way Instagram stole their thunder in a big way, really enjoying the Instagram video feature and don’t see a need for anything else.


Yeah, I guess you’re right about the network. I’m not big into social media things, or socializing in general, so I’m not too keen on it. I heard about the IG video, is it cooler than Vine?


I feel that Instagram pretty much killed vine, but it was a cool concept. Led to some very artistic videos.