viedo battle

if any one wants to channlenge me no one above advanced part 2 but id like it to be part 1 but wat ever

  1. no edits except music and title
  2. no regens yoyo ove 80$ pls but i dont relly care
    4.ill battle the first one to post

i forgot only 1 min. :slight_smile:

How far into Advanced Part 2 are you? Because I’m in Advance Part 2 now, but I haven’t learned it all yet. It would be fun to do a video battle but I want to know if I would have a chance first.

i dont know
3.cold fusion
4.dr strange
5.over under boingy boing and i dont know the reguler either
7.magic drop

Ok, I’m not too far off. I’ll do it! But you wouldn’t kill me if I threw in one trick from the Expert section, would you? And It will take me a few days to shoot it, upload it, whatever. Is that gonna be alright?

sure but wat trick

get in chat pls ;D

Skin the Gerbil? It’s kinda my go to move. And it’s all I know from the Expert Section, I think. I skipped around a bit so I can’t be sure. But this should be fun! I haven’t made a yo yo video before, so this should be an awesome educational experience. I look forward to meeting your challenge.