[Video] Fury!

Go get it!!!

P.S. I think I need a better Camera!

Nice, I love how you can do those stalls with a unresponsive yoyo. Keep it up.

So are you sponserd by iloveyoyo’s? I’ve never seen a fury before, i’ll have to yoyowiki it. Did you intend to have the yoyo stop spinning when you did those stalls? Sorrey about your head, that happend to me once with my hatrick, except the edges on my hatrick are more rounded so i just got a bump instead of a cut.

Yes I’m sponsored by Ilyy.The Fury is their latest yo…i’m not sure if YYE will have them in store soon. Have to ask raytsh. That the yo stopped spinning during the stalls is intended. that is basically the point of regeneration tricks :wink:
My head is fine so far…im just glad that i wasnt using a noctu! ;D

i can’t imagine if you using a noctu.

great vid by the way.
i like the stalls.

this is amazing. It may be time for me to get a ILYY!


great video