video example of how i always ship :)

thanks to LazyThrower for the video.

this is how i ship to anyone who deals with me. if i ever get more supplies i include more padding.

hope to see you deal with me in the B/S/T soon

cool and glad you got rid of my lunatic lol ;D

oh lol. i loved the lunatic while i had it :slight_smile: it just didn’t get as much love cuz i have a superstar and genesis.

Dingo54 is a person i have dealt with and can glad say (i hope :D) that i have good shipping.

Yes you do have very amazing shipping. I mean who else wraps the yoyo nice and snug in bubble rap then like 10 layers of newspapers and a pouch with a nice note on it and strings inside. And we are trading again and you didnt mind i couldnt ship right away. :smiley:

thanks for the nice words. yeah i don’t mind you being delayed in shipping. it’s not the end of the world. i will get it soon :slight_smile: hope you enjoy the Boss

Yup the boss is pretty amazin g and it makes a good color when it spins