Video Contest - WIN A YOYO!

This should be a fun one!

Submit your entries to either our Facebook page (
or to our YYE thread (,62680.0.html)

We’ll be looking at creativity over everything else!

Have fun!

“dangitttt michigan weather, I need to film outside for a yoyo contest, cant you just once let up the cold? Its supposed to be spring!”

Michigan:“So what youre saying is you want me to make it below freezing again, right?”

This sound’s fun

Oooo looks like I’m in


I’m in

I may try my luck on this one.


Can’t wait to see all these entries!

Got to wait for whether to get better

Yea that’s the thing I don’t know if I’m gonna enter 'cause I’m busy with other stuff and it’s freezing up here in MN.

I don’t know about y’all, but if you can swing yoyoing in the rain, that seems pretty creative to me :wink:

You don’t HAVE to film outside, it’s just greatly encouraged!

Er Meh Gerd that is one snazzy yoyo. I may try out this contest

Can these video’s be edited? like slowmo camera angle changes stuff like that or doe’s it have to be all one take?

Up to ONE Regen. What is a Regen?

Yeah, totally. You can even use different angles if you want. Although, if you cut together like, 13 combos with no regens, we’ll probably get a little suspicious of your spin times. lol

A regen is where you do a bind return, but before the yoyo fully returns to your hand you do a 2A looping type maneuver where you start the yoyo spinning again before it gets back to your hand. I suggest looking it up on YouTube.

I wasn’t planning on doing that.

Let me try this.

Wait. Do stop and go’s count as a regen