Vibe help(Hummingbird)

Hey. Just got my Hummingbird (not from YYE). When I tried it it has a bit of fingernail vibe(can feel it on the body and rims. Does not bothers in the string but I’m a bit disappointed because it is really expensive. I’ve noticed the bearing itself is a bit loose between the outher and inner rim. Can that cause that bit of vibe?


Got mine second hand, dead smooth without much effort at tuning. My bearing post is on the tight side tho, perhaps try switching to a tighter bearing? Did it came with vib out of the box? Try only screwing the yoyo where the engraving on the rim are aligned. I heard that they make sure the engravings are aligned when they first send it out.


Contact whatever store you bought it from. We would swap it out for you, I’m sure they’ll do the same.


It is like that out of the box. I’m a bit disappointed since I’ve heard they usually come dead smooth.

I also have the hummingbird TiSS, surprisingly that one has some vibe depending on the axle location. Its kinda hit or miss everytime i screw it together. But there is this sweet spot that have absolutely no vib at all. Perhaps try screwing the axle tight on one side then the other to see if it affects vibe. But i would say send it back, there is a good chance you get a dead smooth yoyo back.

I got assistance from the shop. They will swap it for another one. Thanks for the help anyways :heart:


It is hard to get a bimetal yoyo, especially an outer ring bimetal 10/10 dead smooth with 0 fingernail vibe. I usually tune it myself in that situation and most of the time it becomes at least 9.5/10 smooth. I am really sorry for the disappointment, our players together have tested over 20 hummingbirds A grades and are at least a 9.5/10 each. I do see the other store I assume have some hummingbirds out at world yoyo championship in Cleveland and alot of people used it abit, so maybe that is the case, anyways hopefully you will get a dead smooth hummingbird in no time!


Yeah I understand:)Hopefully I get a better one

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it’s good to hear they’re swapping it for you. my Hummingbird (got it second hand from Pierre) is smooth as glass. definitely one of my favorites.


Are people using the humming bird for competition in 1A?

I don’t know if they could if it has vibe :roll_eyes::laughing::joy:

Idk, but one of my favourites for sure. It’s a beast