Very simple YYF Replay mod.

So today i got a YYF Replay in the mail that i recieved in a trade with Inkbot (thanx BTW!). The first throw I thought to myself, its a bit lighter than i like. I wanted to add some weight, so i just threw a few rubber o rings on it. Its totally changed the way it felt, i just jammed o rings where the metal rings are and put 2 on each hub. It even made the yoyo quieter. if anyone else has a replay try this out and let me know what you think. I have some more of these rubber rings if you need some just hit me up.

Huh? I thought the point of the replay WAS to be able to do that… that’s why it has the weird groove under the rim and the shape… maybe not… I think it was from the big “did YYF copy or not” time… Don’t START IT

umm, i just put this up cuz i thought some people would think its interesting… idk y the replay was made the way it was…

I know the guy that created that shape. also YYF didn’t intend for it to be that way. It just turns out that it works.