very hard choice

hi. i need some help on deciding between dark magic 2 or the revolution. ??? thank you for helping out

Well they both would be great choices. They are VERY similar. The only difference would be shape, and the Revolution is slightly smaller. Just pick one based on your size and shape preferences.

I would go with the revolution it feels a little lighter…plays faster on the string but thats just me.

Like Evan said they are very similar and just choose the yoyo with what ever size and shape you like

Hope this helped 8)

yeah they are very similar. idk why yyj makes so many hybrids

well they took out a patent on it, might aswell use it to it’s full extent

If you want my .02 as a beginner, I bought a DM and learned on it. I like it a lot and think the adjustments on the DM II look good but I admit I have not played the DM II or the Revolution. As far as weight goes, I was under the impression the DM II was brought down to 67 grams which would put it almost equal with the Revolution but I just checked and the YYE link has it at 70 grams.

I would get a Dark Magic 2. But what are your preferences?

I would go for the revolution, it more rounded shape and lighter this makes it more comftable to play with.

I love my dark magic! I don’t know about the revolution but the dm is a great yoyo