very fun and easy repeater trick

Awsome trick would you make a tut. or maybe tell me how to do it

good trick

i got it

  1. 1/2 mount
  2. swing on to the string on the left (second parts of buddas revenge)
  3. roll to the left
  4. drop the first string an your left hand
  5. you should be in a 1/2 mount again so repeate

NOTE:this is for a right handed person

I think this trick would be great to thrown in the middle of some combos…
Maybe it is for a 2 year old if you can figure it out, learn to spell dumb troll.

Btw just insert the youtube link, it will resolve the double vid =D

I’d like to see you do better. Maybe your “triks” are as good as your spelling.

Voodoo hes just a troll, he has 7 posts all like this, made account today.

guys these forums are supposed to be about building each other up not tearing them down

he is from another country

goodness, people. yeah, try to throw it in the middle of combos. A responsive peak? good gravy, where is this world going?

Responsive is not bad. In fact, it’s fun, especially on metal.

Epic888, stop trolling. Everyone else, you probably shouldn’t make fun of him, just help him see his mistakes and how to amend them.

(I’m sure some of you will think I’m a hypocrite for saying that because in the past I have poked fun at some people, but I’m trying to not do that anymore…so yeah…)

Yes you are trollin’. If somebody requests it, it does deserve a tutorial because not everyone can figer it out.

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I should make a vid with my responsive DNA.

ok guys this video is a joke and dont you think i know its the worst trick ever hahaha
and i do put it in combos all the time i was just doing it over and over again and there is no tut because it is a VERY FUN AND EASY REPEATER TRICK so epic you can blow it out your A hole… A hole  ;D

oh yeah here is a video with it in a combo