Veritas Pro

I wrote this short review of the Veritas Pro in the YYE store:

"Be a Great Manipulator
Michael Cady on Jan 04, 2018

This is my first time submitting any kind of yoyo review, but I felt compelled to do so, because I feel like the Veritas Pro hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. The Veritas Pro is an excellent EDC, because it’s good at so many things, and is not too large, even if it’s not a slimeline.

In particular, it’s really great for various grinds. The fingercups are amazing! The 7075 rings create a nice IGR, and also allow for easy Talon Grinds. It’s even easy to use the fingerspin dimples to do Matador tricks and pull starts. It isn’t particularly heavily bead blasted, and yet it grinds very well. This combination of fingerspin dimple and IGR seems to be quite rare, and I think is reason alone to own this yoyo.

The Pixel bearing is excellent. Even though the VP has a large gap, the response system works well, and is consistent.

The only con for me is that I don’t find it very comfortable in the hand.

I truly feel this is a must have (at least try) yoyo!"

My only beef is that it is an undersized yoyo, and that is not called out anywhere in the copy. It is very good though!

53mm is right on the cusp. I hadn’t really perceived it as undersized, but I guess it is?

I don’t think it sold so well, so I wonder if they’ll make more?