New Release! iYoyo VERiTAS PRO!


Last year, iYoYo made a small run of a unique design from Germany’s yoyo girl Mathilde Witt. Mathilde researched yo-yos for a school science project and won the State contest with it! iYoYo took her design and made it a reality – The VERiTAS! The VERiTAS sold out quickly, but iYoYo knew it had potential for more. This is the VERiTAS PRO!

The VERiTAS PRO is upgraded with a set of 7075 Aluminium weight rings for improved stability and spin time. It has a fast solid presence on the string with a more powerful feeling than the original.

Taking it one step further, iYoYo designed some special press-fit machined polycarbonate Fingerspin caps! Fingerspins don’t get much easier than this! The polycarbonate fingerspin caps keep the weight low, provide a super smooth feeling, and lock in fingerspins almost instantly!

Releasing June 23rd @ 10AM EST!

HiDRA Restock:

Pink Galaxy & German Edition!

STEEL Restock:

Gray/Gold & Red/Gold!