Vendetta won't take work, now who?

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Alright guys, I emailed Vendetta about an anno job, but he isn’t taking jobs, so I checked out Gruntbull, and they are EXPENSIVE, now who do I turn to for a neat splash designed yoyo?


Apparently there’s a 125 Customs place that Icthus mentioned. Not sure if they’re still in business or not, but he said they do pretty good work.


Yeah I can’t get their site to come up so they may not be in business anymore.

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Any others guys?


Pm xfredericox on YYN. He does/ did anodizing.


But he’s in europe somewhere.


125customs website got hacked a while back. You can pm destroyer125 on which is where he also has done work for people. But if you want to try some other ones I know is pretty good.

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That would pose a problem…
Thanks for the headsup


Some Paintball shops know people who anodize aluminum.


Did Vendetta say how long before they will take new work? It’s worth the wait - excellent work and not all that expensive. I have two coming back in the mail (today or tomorrow I hope) and the pictures (not posted yet) look great!

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You can sent it to Gruntbull. I think it’s more expensive but the splash is sweet.