Vegetable parkour tutorial
made it up this morning
tutorial added

Great trick bro

That slack… Is so awesome…

wow thanks guys ;D

super great trick, could you make a tutorial

I was so prepared to come in and totally call out a kid for trying to be cool with an unsmooth lame trick. And I now am going to do quite the opposite.

That impressed the hay out of me. Really smooth, pretty original concepts there. Really nice flowy style.

I liked it.

Good stuff.

Thanks for sharing.

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thanks everyone i’ll try to post a tutorial this weekend or week


I had the same feeling. The only comment I have is that it was a little long for my taste, but I suppose that’s just a preference thing.

ya I’m working on the tutorial now and I realized that it’s a bit long I’m still doing the whole trick I should have the tutorial up today or tomorrow night
tutorial added

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