V4M lube?

  1. Why is V4M lube is more expensive than thin/thick lube?
  2. Which type is it? I mean it’s use for 1A, 3A, 4A, 5A (like thin lube) or use for 2A (like thick lube)?
  3. Is it better than thin/thick lube?

last line on the product page here. “A 'Thin Lube” that is great for increasing overall lifetime of your ball bearings."

it does the same thing as yyj thin lube, it’s just a different brand basically.
there’s a review for it. basically he says it’s quiet and breaks in fast.

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Really there is not much difference, the YYJ is fine. V4M is thin lube. Its thin so its ideal for everything except for 2A. I`d use thick on 2A.

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YYJ Thin Lube costs $5 for a 0.6 ounce bottle, or, on a per ounce basis, it would cost $8.33 per ounce.

V4M costs $6 for a one ounce bottle.

On a “per ounce” basis, therefore, V4M is less expensive!

As a bearing lube for unresponsive yoyo play, I personally believe that V4M is superior*


*Please note, as the developer of V4M, I have a slightly biased opinion! :slight_smile:

Lube? Who needs lube…