USPS prices went up!?

I understand it’s a business, but it still aggravates me now tht i have to pay $5.90 to ship now with a flat rate priority small box with tracking. i use to only have to pay $4.90. where can i go to ship for cheaper and still have tracking and what not. or do i ship in my own boxes? would tht be cheaper?

end of mini rant


The price of oil/fuel is affecting everything you buy. Ask your mum how much your food has gone up recently.

Yeah your right. i understand. the OP was just me venting. i will most likely delete this thread eventually.

You will save money by shipping with your own boxes. Using the flat rate boxes forces you to use Priority mail when First Class is cheaper and tracking is still available. I shipped something recently for $3.60 with tracking and it got there (Texas from Mass) in the same exact time it would’ve taken to get there with Priority.

where can i buy small boxes from?
(walmart right?)

You could use the USPS boxes and just wrap them in brown paper. As long as the Priority box labels/color don’t show it’s just a normal package. Has to be all wrapped though. The color is part of the label.

tht sounds like a good idea, but isn’t tht um illegal?

What, using/making your own box to ship things? Of course not.

You can use any kind of box, Pop Tart box, garbage bag box, Cheez- It box… There are tons of options that can be found anywhere around your house.

Refrigerator boxes are nice, too.

No. It’s just a wrapped box at that point. It needs to be completely wrapped though.

Except liquor boxes (unless again they are completely wrapped so the labels don’t show).

Thanks everyone. i now know how my shipping is gonna be from now on :slight_smile: