Usernames on the messages page

Searching through old messages is difficult without usernames. I’m not sure if this has been brought up or not but I wanted to mention it.

I know I can use the search feature for this but it would just be really convenient to have this on the messages tab.


Check this out:

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I’ve seen that but it only does the most recent messages sometime I need a little bit more.

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I just enabled this on desktop to show name next to user circle…

I’ll have to see about mobile!

Screenshot of Safari (5-25-21, 1-48-19 PM)


Thanks for the update!


I access these forums basically purely on mobile so I’d love to see this QOL there, as well!

Profile pictures on the desktop are a huge help! This is also why whenever I message someone about a BST thread I update the message’s title to the name of what I’m inquiring about instead of just leaving "RE: " – makes it a whole lot easier to look through at a glance, especially with emails for PMs enabled. Unfortunately you can only edit the titles for message threads you start and not ones you are apart of so with big BST threads it can get a bit unwieldy.