Updated video. Bear Vs. Man Round 2 Test!

Holy lord… CLYW Has done it again.

If you like the chief,
This is like a more stable, more powerful version.
Never played the original BVM
But seriously.
Amazing AMAZING Yoyo.

Well done Chris and Boyd.
Well Done.

(Will make a better video eventually haha. Justt Not today. Also i realized my hands go out of the shot a bit too late, ill re film this trick and update this later on.)


Updated the video.
MUCH better Quality, and The strings visible now.
and its POV


I’d love some criticism please!

Whoa the finger grind out of the missed GT was really cool

it was really hard to learn how to do the over the arm brent stole
in Horizontal!

I call it, horizontal fingerspin trapdoor :slight_smile:


Sick tricks holmes!


Workin hard to smooth out that first one.
and add it into a combo!

Cool tricks! Though i cant say the music appeals to me.

I dont usually listen to this sort of music.
I’m more a Post Hardcore/ screamo type guy.
If you’ve seen my other videos, you would understand haha.

Any criticism guys?


Super cool.

I enjoyed this more than most video postings. Very interesting photography and the tricks flow very nicely. I even liked the music; not as bad as some Euro-pop I’ve heard.

Nice Job all around.

I saw the first video, but didn’t want to say much because the quality wasn’t very good. I’m glad you remade it so we can see all your sweet tricks!

The BvM2 seems like it might dethrone the avalanche as CLYW’s go to competition throw. I can’t wait to try someone else’s out XD

Wow thanks!
And its Korean haha

@ Alex, thanks again! Bad quality = remake for sure.
this was sorta a show off-y video to show some cool concepts I’ve worked on haha.

And it totally ruins the Avalanche for sure.
its really just that good.
It reminds me a lot of the chief shape
Without the double rim
And the material is thickened like the avalanches rim



Very nice tricks, I have to agree about the bvm2 it’s definitely the best CLYW since the chief, used it in my Judo Flip video short

The only CLYWs that beat it
Are the 7075 chief
And Cliff for sure!