Updated my profile picture

just saying if are wondering who this new person is

PS. im mongoose throws


Thank the heavens you straightened that out. Was wondering how any of us would ever get to sleep tonight


I wish it could be bigger. I can’t see what it says, nor do I recognize the logo.

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all right ill fix that

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hahaha :joy:

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Go to his profile for the larger version.

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Oh, I know. You can also just click on his name which brings up his card and makes the logo bigger :slight_smile:

yooo this kid joined just earlier this month and has already created 30+ topics :sob:


He’s just young and enthusiastic. No harm no foul.


the reason behind this is because I want to know what other yoyoers like

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updated it again, but I think its better then ever!!!

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Oh yeah! I like that haha :smiley:

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