Update: Recovery

Well as you can see, I can finally throw some! I’m not a hundred percent recovered…that will be in 5 weeks or a little more. My shoulder still hurts when I yoyo but not as bad as before… I used to not be able to move it without going dizzy…  I just wanted to give you all an update of how things are going, and thanks for all the support!

And for the ppl who are wondering what happened to me, I broke my shoulder longboarding :confused:

Also this video was meant for testing out some new stuff with sony vegas!

Now I’m interested in what long boarding is, any way hope you get well soon! and good video!


Nice trick! Can’t wait for a full length video.

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i hope you get better really soon. Nice Trick ;D

Thanks bro means a lot!

Good tricks, but the effects are disgusting :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, yeah it was just a test but at least the string was more visible :smiley:

hope you get better. great trick!!!

hope you get better,also once you do get better…TUTORIAL!!!