Update-Anyone ever use braided fishing line for strings?

Just curious. It’s a synthetic material, relatively soft, extremely strong, and very cheap. (10$ for 330yds) was thinking about giving it a shot cause I have a ton at the house, but just wanted to see if anyone has tried it.

These are some of the materials it’s mase of


Sorry not related, but I couldn’t find the thread I was looking for. @codinghorror would you cut off the extra string on this???


Nope, never used thre stuff. You should make some and let us know how it turns out


I’ll make some tomorrow and post some updates

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So… it took me a few tries, but I got a diameter I liked. The solid color is 1.5 passes of 30# neon green braid. The other I used 1 pass of 30# neon green braided fishing line and 6 passes general purpose poly.
The braided line is silky and smooth like nylon, but feels much better on the finger (not quite so rough) almost kinda like plastic. It’s extremely humid here in South Central Texas, not ideal for throwing at all. That being said, the solid braid was awesome! Didn’t stick to my fingers hardly at all. Whips, lacerations, suicides, slacks are incredible. Stay open forever and aren’t super fast like nylon. Unfortunately it is terrible at binding. Took me like 5 try’s on a hard throw lol.

The twist on the other hand is great! Has all of the above perks, but fixed the bind issue. Also worth mentioning the braid has very little to no stretch like cotton. So if you’re into the bouncy strings, it’s not so great.

I’m gonna try out some lighter line just to see what all I can do with this stuff. Like I mentioned above, braided line is pretty cheap! Plus it comes in great neon colors.


This thread sparked my interest as I’ve dabbled in various nylon type string - I learned how to twist before I finally got tired of doing 1 string at a time back when I was learning. Anywho, was looking at the braided nylon line today and was curious. Didn’t buy it yet but had noticed that the thread is really waxy-feeling and feels a little hard. Do you think it is worth giving it a shot? Wonder how slacks handle in breezes.


If you’re talking about the stuff you get in the fishing department of any sporting goods store/ department. ( not sure 100% what it’s made of) It feels good on the hands for sure, especially if you have clammy sweaty hands due to humidity. As far as whips and slacks go, it’s a lot slower than the nylon strings I’ve used. (Which I like) I’ve finally been able to consistently land suicides using the fishing line. As I mentioned above, it does need another kind of string to blend with. It’s too slick otherwise, and stiff as a board. I just gave it a shot because I do a lot of fishing, and have a lot of it laying around. Overall I like it. It was just a fun experiment, and it’s slightly cheaper when bought in bulk. Definitely not your typical string material or feel for sure though. Also worth mentioning there isn’t a large variety in color.


This stuff

Good to know, may hold off. I had gotten a spool of kevlar thread years ago back when I was first learning how to throw. That was the first string I twisted. It was way too slick as much as it didn’t feel that way in the hand. I ended up getting a spool of white nylon that I learned how to further twist and that was my go-to until I stopped being frugal and bought bulk string…

Probably the strangest string I’ve used though is the nylon that came with the Big Bang Bandalores yoyos. Was a nylon but felt very coarse and stiff.


I’ll probably end up just using poly of nylon in the future myself. I’ll stick with this stuff till I get all my slacks on lock 100%. The lack of stretch gets a little old. I threw some wooly nylon today a remembered how comfortable a little spring in the string was. Not nearly as harsh of an impact when you throw a breakaway.

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