Update 8/18/14 WTB FG Marmot. WTB/TF super cheap Chief(beat/fg are good)


Update 8/18/14
I finally added all of my collection. They are up for grabs but my CLYWs and YYRs will be hard for me to let go. At the moment those are the ones I want to collect so offers must be high or crazy to get them off my hands.

CLYW Samurai box Wooly Marmot*****, gold Gnarwhals, brown speckel Sasquatch***. Any thing in rootbeer, Bule or Black Bip Bop(BBB). Your BvM****
ILYY*****. (Greyhound, 09 Mary, heavy or 63.6g Wasabi, Valve, and cheap Void)****. [u]
OD CODE2, nickel or blue/orange only…
General- yo Ministar, or comp grade Prestige or M10

Buddy of mine needs a Chief fast. He has a ILYY St.Eel and a Diffusion2 in the mail. He will add cash, about $30ish depending on grade. He does not mind if it’s a FG, beat, does not have box, or color.
I can offer the Bape2 bellow for a Chif or CLIFF as well.

NYYR Wants:
TM 5.1 high-caps New or used. All airsoft players will know what I’m talking about.
TM 1911 gov New or used. Same as TM 5.1.
KWA KMP9 NS2 , must be new. (Airsoft player stuff…again)
KJW KC-02, yup…airsoft.

Future Diary(Mirai Nikki) complete manga set in ether Japnese or English edition.

Need ASAP(as soon as possible):
Any MIB blue with brown speckel CLYW Sasquatch.
CLYW FG Marmot in any condition. Only want to buy FG, non FG will be able to trade for one of my throws on my sell/trade list.

Don’t want:
Plastics, but will take Yeties, high end Delrins, and maybe…na that’s it.
Even cash if not stated, will take cash as deal sweeteners or if trading for a low prices throw that’s 1 of my wants and asking for a high priced or valued throw on my end.
Duplicates… unless it’s a Gnarwhal, BvM, or rare colors.


CLYW m with custom box team edition gnarwhal.,
CLYW MIB Puffin2
CLYW MIB og Avalanche.
CLYW MINT Wolverine BvM.
YYR MIB splash Attune.
YYR MIB StarGeyser.
YYR MIB StarGazer.
YYR MIB Blink.
YYR MIB splashed E=mc^2

ILYY MIB OG Sakura. From the last run before the SE Sakura.
Antiyo bape2.

sell/trade section:(don’t hesitate to ask to place something on hold)

Anti-yo Bapezilla.2, has pouch, has extra pink ultra lights. Has a few light nails hits but nothing breaks that anno. Inner catch zone has been polished from both play and self to prevent string eating.
Only looking to trade for MIB BvM or Gnarwhals. May keep because my little bro likes it and my father’s favorite colors.

Puffin2. It’s near MIB but has 1 or 2 pinpricks/ rub spots, none of which break the anno and are hard to find. I’m looking to sell for $115 of trade for a MIB Marmot,MIB Markmont, or MIB last run Canvas.

In the mail/ on its way:

Custom art 3x3x2 yoyo boxes:
Click here for info: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,73522.0.html

Fill free to ask and well make you some. The Link above will give more info but order here.


Empty slot.


bonfire for ur puffin 2?


BUMP, will update pics later.


Might need to sell Bonfire, more info when the YYRs come in.


Will add pics later, keep forgetting.


Easter BuMp.


A bump that will open many gates.



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