11/25 FS/FT CLYW, OD NYYR: Airsoft Guns LF: CLYW!!

Hey guys, these are mainly for sale!!
I will only trade for a want!!!
PM me with any requests please!

CLYW Chief (specifically a mischief chief, bushman chief, or a 7075 hulk smash chief!!)
CLYW Sasquatch
CLYW Gnarwhal 2

Near mint OD Red with black rings Rally, has a few dings on one side because I dropped a half and does have a small amount of vibe after that (been trying to fix it) $30

Near Mint CLYW Fools Gold OG Clareview Station Avalanche. Nice yoyo, does have a couple of scrapes and a bit of vibe, but plays well! $60

YYF Glow in the Dark proto. Mint. $30

Magicyoyo N11. Red. Mint. $15

You can offer on anything in my case, but I will probably not sell or trade anything unless you have something in my wants list.

Meinl 21" Classic Ride. I barely used this ride on my drumset, does have a few stick marks, other than that, it is in good condition. Do not need it, but it could use a better home! $130

I do have a bunch of pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards i would be willing to sell or trade.
For the yu-gi-oh card, have some foils, mostly just regular cards and they will come with 2 tins from the 1st generation show. Will use for trade or $60 OBO
For the Pokemon cards, I have many Foils and 1st edition cards and they have all been kept in sleeve folders, so they are mint, no bends or anything. This has more sentimental value to me, so I do not know if I really want to sell these. But offer for them or $150
All the cards together I will do for $200 OBO or will trade for some yoyos!

Aiptek High Definition video recorder. Comes with a case and charger. Has not been used very much and runs really well. $60 OBO

Airsoft guns: Different kinds, I would have to look at them to list off the brands. They are about 6 years old and should still work. I have a couple of pistols and a rifle. If interested, please pm me and we can work something out! (also will include pellets with guns!)


Come on, gotta sell this stuff!


Bumping because finals are not fun

Bumping because finals are over!

Bump! It’s spring break!

Bump, i would really like a supernova or a clyw throw!!

Will be adding a g5 and capless tonight and some pics of the ds! Really want a clyw and or a supernova!

Sorry but I didn’t see anything that interested me.

Thanks for the offer.

Bump, added some stuff!

Bump, really want to get rid of these for something better!!

Today is Bumptastic!

Added some new throws, really want some CLYWS or a Summit, please offer people! maybe even some SE’s too

Bump! I really need to sell! Need money!

Do you so trades?

Please do not post in this thread, message me, thank you

What would you give me for a Neon Orange Protostar?

Where’s the pics for all the yoyos listed? I only see one photo.

WIll have pictures of the throws up soon!