Upcycling to make Yoyo Cases!

Hey y’all, this is my first thread I’m making around here and I figured I’d post about a yoyo carrier I made recently from an old violin case! I’ve compiled a small album detailing the process:

and here’s the finished product:

It’s not very planned out and is honestly kind of scuffed, but I like it this way! It’s unique, it’s mine and I’m pretty proud of how it came out. If you run into some old instrument cases at the thrift shop or from your friend’s disillusioned violin playing career, I heavily encourage y’all to try this! Does anyone else have some unorthodox ways they store their yoyos? I’d love to see someone do this with a full sized guitar case! :smile:


this is cool, nice work


Nicely done. So funny to do one of those giant rectangle guitar cases like this and go through security at the airport.


Wow, that is awesome!!! Very creative.And the pattern on the foam is :+1:


Any time a violin case is modified to fit something other than a violin, it automatically makes that other thing cooler. This has been a known fact since Prohibition.

The lid looks deep enough that you could punch out holes in it as well to double the capacity! You’d just have to put a thin divider of some sort between the lid and base to prevent clinking of throws.



I’ve considered this! Sadly, the top lid is actually a fair amount shallower than the bottom one where the yoyos go, and closing the thing is already kind of a squeeze due to the foam, so sticking another thin length of foam in between would probably be pushing it.

Also, I’m lazy.

Thanks for the kind comments!