Underplayed Throws - G2, Smashing, YYF, Traveling Throw

Just underplayed, plain & simple. Turns out having a child limits your time a little!

Free shipping over $75 otherwise it’s an extra $7.50, F&F or pay those fees please :+1:

Without further ado:

G2 Elite OG - Penny (1st Run) - Glitch for ano plus I dinged it on my watch - $75

YYF ND Ultra - Blue - $50

Traveling Throw Oh! - Blue/Gold Half-Swap (two minute pinprick scuffs) - $40

Smashing Spectacle - Birthday Party - $95

Or have 'em all for $215?

Pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/g9PKbuCtrXVRWyu76

All pretty mint unless otherwise specified above. Some have boxes & swag, some don’t. Just ask for details.

Always open to an offer, worst I can say is no! Deals to be had on multiples.


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