Under-Rated Forum Members?

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So I was thinking, there are allot of people that post awesome and useful things, but hardly get any recognition. Does anyone else feel the same way? If so, then who?

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The mods?


Commander Kay

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Probably Commander Kay


Commander Kay and alto5a.


Trollers! the lot of you!!!


How in the world did you know about a person on this forum that has not even posted. and how is he underrated if he has not said anything to be rated/underrated about???

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jhb8426 :slight_smile:


Yuki onitsora!
SR, hes been here for 4 years and posts pretty great stuff!
Jamesmay, he made dozens of forum sigs and posts tutuorials. And to add to that, nice advice!
Ian beichman (sorry if i spelt your last name wrong) he posted three amazing high quality tutorials. EXACTLY what i was looking for, and im sure others were too!
MyoyoM, hes taking the time to help people by making innovational new trick tutorials!


I dont mean to be hating, but all he posts are random pictures, not a single yoyo related thing -_-

Is he a second account of yours?


He? Commander Kay is a fierce young woman, overcoming adversity! With tanks.

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Duplicate accounts are against forum policy.

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Commander kay was actually the first that came to mind.

Also FNG


JamesMay has done alot


ME!!! Just kidding. i’ve gotta say, GregP

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JohnJWolfe comes to mind as a matter of fact…


On the contrary, I’d say I’m highly overrated. I get too many thank-yous and positive comments (like yours!) for being just a blowhard. :wink:


YoRed, you guys don’t give the man enough credit,…

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Really think so? Thank you! :slight_smile:


Agree… :wink: They do a lot of work on the forum and most of that work we don’t see.