under-diameter, full width yoyos


I’ve noticed that we have plenty of undersized throws as well as superwide throws around, but seldom a combination of these two , one that would put the width in typical range of full size, normal proportion models. Theoretically a higher avaiability of space around the rims may buttress the pursuit of a more pragmatic weight distribution compared yoyos with proportionately smaller widths.

This design by me is now off to the prototyping stage. Inner rims were favored over the exposed counterpart purely for aesthetic preferences. I’ve kept the wall relatively thick (>=1mm almost everywhere for 7075) although the higher curvature due to the small diameter might allow for less. The current shell/ring ratio is about 13.5/17, which would go down to ~9/21 if the absolute minimum of 0.5-0.6mm can in practice be reached.

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Looks cool!

As for Undersized but wide throws, the first that comes to mind is the Mooly Marmont 2


Looks pretty awesome! If you want someone to test one I know someone who likes yoyos ;D


Yyr six is really wide, as is the clashcube.

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The problem is it somewhat require higher precision machining and you can only put the weight wide so far until the point when the yoyo spins it doesn’t try to balance itself on it’s axis anymore. Take it like this, take a piece of long solid metal cylinder or an unsharpened pencil, imagine it has a groove for the string like a yoyo. You can see as the tube spins on its axis, there is more momentum to spin it sideways instead of on axis; so when the yoyo tries to balance itself, it will want to spin in the easiest way possible, which is sideways.
Or put simply, if the machining is not totally perfect, the yoyo will first spin properly, then gradually went wobbly because of how it wants to balance itself.
I know this because I did similar design before, and been tuning a lot of different yoyos. Putting the weight wider in proportion to the diameter will make the yoyo more prone to vibe because there is less tendency to balance itself on its axis.
The best solution would be making the tip of the rim thin for the sake of width, while moving the weight more to the inner side to prevent this, see yoyorecreation 6.
Take it as a grain of salt however, I could be wrong, I honestly still want to see this happen.


I got the honor to work with arguably the most experienced machine shop and assistive design team when it comes to superwides. It’s a stretchy dream for sure, but everyone can hope theyl open up a new dimension on yoyo design; things like the draupnir were once the untouchable forbidden zone as well.


Indeed, the more both weight set apart, the more it would be prone to vibe or pulsates.
But I do seen some yoyo that are vibe enough and vibe free, the possibility is out there.


it s only 44mm after all

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More accurately, it’s the width vs diameter.


by diameter did you mean spin momentum? this one is built exactly for that purpose with each ring weighing over 17g. you are right tho as i do also have noticed that the vibe amplitude of a yoyo increases noticably when its spin slows down.